Unimproved Land

If you are a farmer, or landowner who have done nothing to entitle your property for development, you own raw unimproved land. Delaware Land Advisors can work on your behalf to have your property entitled which will yield you more money. Should you not wish to undergo the expense of entitling, we can market your property to developers and home builders who will take the development entitlement risk. The contract can be structured so that the purchaser buys your ground as either raw unentitled land with a quick settlement, but a much lower purchase price. If you would like, it can also be structured with the contract purchaser handling all of the expenses for processing your land through the subdivision process and in return for you granting the contract purchaser the time to complete entitlements, typically 18 to 36 months, a substantially higher price.

We will meet with you, walk the property, and discuss all of the issues that affect land values as well as discussing marketing options. Should you be interested in engaging Delaware Land Advisors, we will develop a complete marketing strategy for your property. We will market your property to our propriety list of several thousand land investors, developers, builders, attorneys, civil engineers, and others who might be interested in the opportunity your property presents to them. We handle everything from follow up phone calls through contract negotiations as well as being your representative attending government meetings, community input meetings, development review meetings during the entire time required to take your property through the local subdivision process. Our standard rate for this type of representation is a flat 6% of the gross sales price of the property.

We have represented landowners throughout Maryland in the sale of more than $400 million worth of land, the majority of which was raw unentitled ground.

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