Representing Land Owners

If you are interested in selling your land in Delaware for development, Stephen Ferrandi has been representing landowners when they sell to home builders, shopping center developers, office building owners, land developers and investors since 1998.  He represents land owners regardless of the size of their landholdings. He gives the same expert service as for someone who just inherited a single building lot as he does to the farmer ready to sell his fields for development into hundreds of homes.

Since establishing his land brokerage practice in 1998, Stephen has solely represented landowners - be they farmers, investors, lenders, developers or homebuilders -- when they choose to sell. To date, he has brokered in excess of $400 million worth of land transactions.




Stephen, allow me to compliment you. You are a great land broker. You fought for every penny for your client, the Nixon Family and made sure I knew it. You protected their interested and served them well, but always as the buyer, I felt that you treated me equally with respect and an appreciation for my view point throughout the many months of negotiations. I know that we still have three years of processing before the Nixon Farm is a Centex community and that we will be working closely together to make that happen, but I think we should celebrate the contract signing of a $17,000,000 land contract with a beer. Your treat!
Robert Larkin
Director of Land Acquisition
Centex Homes

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